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If you have found evidence of a Bedbug infestation, choose a professional, locally owned company to eradicate your worries and send those Bedbugs packing.


Do not move infested furniture without wrapping in plastic. Bedbugs will follow you wherever you go without treatment.

Excellent Bedbug Inspections 

An End To Bedbugs

No annual contracts required - satisfaction guaranteed. Call us to schedule a FREE inspection.



J L Pest Control provides complete extermination services for residential and commercial properties. Flying, stinging insects will become aggressive if threatened.


Mice and rat droppings are harmful and can infect you with Hanta Virus and there is currently no antiviral treatment if infected.

Wipe out dangerous pests

Rodent Eradication

J L Pest Control will give you advice on how to handle the situation over the phone. We will also tailor any treatments to your specific needs, being mindful of pets and children.


We use many methods to eradicate, offering Green or Eco products, as well as live catch traps per your preference.

FREE advice over the phone

FREE Visual Inspections!

We are dedicated to providing reliable customer service, and because satisfaction is our top priority, we will do everything and anything in our power to provide a personalized experience. Our technicians have unmarked vehicles to protect your privacy. We also provide wildlife control.

Providing Complete Pest Control

J L Pest Control is dedicated to providing complete pest control services to the Wilkes-Barre and surrounding areas. We specialize in Wood Destroying Insects and will lend an attentive ear to any of your concerns.

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