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Danger: Hornets, Bees and Wasps

Bald faced hornets and yellow jackets are very aggressive. When you are dealing with a bee infestation, stay away from any flying stinging insect and do not remove their nest.


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What To Do When You Think You Have A Pest Problem

At J L Pest Control, the safety of you and your property is our utmost concern. We've compiled some frequently addressed issues regarding common pest problems. If you ever have a question that you cannot find the answer to, call us at 570-881-3736 and the owner Joe would be happy to talk through the issues and solutions with you, even if you do not need a service.

Please call 570-881-3736 if you have discovered mouse or rodent droppings. Do not attempt to clean up; identification by a professional is crucial to

your health.

Misconception of Bedbugs

No annual contract is required, and we always guarantee your satisfaction - customer service is our top priority.

  • Bedbugs can infest more than just a bed or a couch and will host in any place that people inhabit

  • Do not move infected furniture without professional assistance - this will spread the problem

  • If furniture must be removed, make sure it is wrapped in plastic.

  • Bug Bombing will cause the infestation to disperse and hide from the chemicals

If you suspect any sort of infestation, call 570-881-3736 for FREE advice or to schedule your FREE inspection. We would rather spend time working through your pest problem, than for you to have to go to the ER with a severe allergic reaction.  Our technicians have unmarked vehicles to protect your privacy.


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Danger:  Mice and Rodents

Infectious disease and bacteria

Please do not vacuum up mice and rodent droppings. Identification is crucial, as some rodents are dangerous and their droppings can infect you with a deadly disease.


Mice also do not have bladders, and urinate at any time. This will cause contamination on many surfaces, as well as infecting dust in your home.

  • Cockroaches can carry bacteria such as E coli and salmonella on their bodies, and present allergens that are often harmful to children

  • Rodents can carry bacteria and diseases. They can also bring pests with them such as fleas or ticks

  • Ants can also contaminate food, and as social creatures there are usually a large amount of them

Ants Hornet Bed bug Rat eating the bread Ants