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Treating the source of the problem

Whether the best approach is to spray or bait, we will assess the situation, identify the wood damage and adjust the treatment to fit your specific predicament.


No annual contracts required - results are guaranteed.

Stop Wood Destroying Insects from destroying the value of your home, and call today to schedule your FREE visual inspection



We Specialize In Wood Destroying Insects

We are here to destroy what's destroying your home or business by performing WDI (Wood Destroying Insect) inspections. We are able to discern which pest group is causing damage and we will take the extra time to do the job right.

Signs of Wood Destroying Insects

When it comes to pests destroying your home or business, don't take any chances with your investment. Our technicians have unmarked vehicles to protect your privacy. Choose J L Pest Control for stress-free pest management and treatment.  

  • Termites house their colonies within the wood on which they feed by burrowing into structures

  • Carpenter ants are large black ants nesting in structures

  • Carpenter bees do not feed on wood but excavate the area or bore into wood

  • Powderpost beetles' larvae bore into and damage both soft and hard woods

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